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Some people believe that teenagers should learn all school subjects, while others claim that students should focus on the subjects that they are best at or that they are interested in. Discuss both views and give your opinion.




















There have been opposing opinions on what students should learn at school.While some people argue that all subjects matter for teenagers,others believe that students should only concentrate on their favorite disciplines.I personally believe that studying all school subjects is better for adolescents to understand the world and broaden their knowledge.

Delving into the first facet of this complex conundrum,one can discern tangible benefits for students granted the autonomy to select their educational pursuits,much like an artist meticulously curating their palette of colors.Firstly,this approach mitigates the oft-encountered stressors of academic study,as students are frequently inundated with a litany of concurrent courses,rendering it nigh impossible to excel in each subject or even complete the tasks assigned by their instructors.By narrowing their educational focus,students can avert the perils of mental exhaustion and conserve their energies for pursuits that genuinely pique their interest,as if seeking refuge in a serene haven.Secondly,this tailored approach to learning may engender a heightened sense of passion for study.Propelled by remarkable results and intrinsic motivation,young minds are more apt to cultivate enduring incentives for lifelong learning and forge a viable trajectory for their future careers at an early stage,akin to fledgling birds taking flight towards their dreams.

Conversely,proponents of a holistic educational approach contend that a diverse curriculum is indispensable for molding well-rounded individuals,much like a harmonious symphony composed of a myriad of instruments.By delving into the annals of history,students may glean the wisdom of the ages;mathematics imbues them with nuance and precision,while natural philosophy fosters profound insight.Each discipline boasts its own unique merits,beckoning eager learners to explore their depths and derive inspiration from an eclectic assortment of subjects,as though amassing a collection of invaluable intellectual gemstones.Furthermore,scholastic endeavors undertaken during adolescence serve to lay the groundwork for future development,and the challenges of modern life often necessitate the deployment of interdisciplinary skills.Possessing a robust,multi-disciplinary foundation renders candidates more desirable in the job market,as they are less likely to exhibit glaring deficiencies in specific areas of expertise,akin to constructing a bridge that connects disparate realms of knowledge.As such,embracing a comprehensive curriculum can prove advantageous for students as they navigate the intricacies of their professional lives.

In conclusion,learning on the basis of personal interests may boost students’enthusiasm about study,while learning a wider range of subjects offers a multi-angle perspective of understanding a problem.Given the increasingly complex and demanding nature of contemporary society,I posit that it is incumbent upon students to assign equal weight to all subjects,thereby broadening their intellectual horizons and equipping themselves for the myriad challenges that lie ahead,much like a seasoned navigator deftly charting a course through the boundless expanse of the ocean of knowledge.



educational discourse教育情境

ebb and flow退潮与涨潮

veritable treasure trove真正的宝库

litany of concurrent courses同时进行的课程

mental exhaustion精神疲惫

intrinsic motivation内在动力

fledgling birds taking flight雏鸟起飞

annals of history历史记载

robust,multi-disciplinary foundation扎实的多学科基础

kaleidoscopic perspective万花筒般丰富的视角

boundless expanse无边无际的广阔

seasoned navigator经验丰富的领航员

myriad challenges无数挑战

deftly charting a course巧妙地绘制路线